Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Week 51-53 - Update

Yarr... Now I have nice setup and its almost completely up and running. I also was able to continue developing TSOTR. I already coded few hundred lines, but I haven't been able to set up new repository, because I used some old early 00's router that couldn't handle all traffic and lost some packets etc. So I had to buy new one and now it should be ok. I'll just have to install repository software for my new server and everything for TSOTR developing will be there. I think I'll use rhodecode this time.

In other news... Go to hell apple.

I hate when companies do something like that and because of that I'll not make TSOTR for any apple product(for now).

Yeah, they will be losing a lot. /sarcasm

There is a new page on this blog and its called downloads. TSOTR for windows will appear there on 12.12.12.. There is also page called support. TSOTR is donationware so if you like my small project and want to support my work you can find at least paypal donation button from there. Occasionally I might need help with stuff testing etc.. Information about those might also appear on that page.