Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You can see TSOTR and Minarus all over my blog, but no explanation what they really are. This post should clear some things up.

What is TSOTR?

It is name of my game project. Initially it was called Minarus, but I changed it to TSOTR. As you maybe have guessed TSOTR is an acronym. I reveal the words behind TSOTR after I have somewhat working version of TSOTR.

And Minarus, what is it?

Minarus is the name of the world in TSOTR and initial name of the TSOTR project.

What is this TSOTR like?

Think about oblivion in larger scale with beings that actually live, breed and die in that world. Basically there will be no random encounters and items do not magically appear into the world. Everything that will happen is because of beings and items actually move in the world.

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