Sunday, July 31, 2011

Week 1 - Update

Hah, I started making Input and I did something else before Input. Things I have done so far are...

- States (done)
- Game objects (done)
- Input (partially done)
- Logger (partially done)

What do I mean by 'States'? 'States' is a way to store different game states. For example 'MainScreen' could be one state. There is buttons, graphics etc. that are used only in 'MainScreen'. Those things could go to 'MainScreen' state. After clicking for example load button in 'MainScreen' state game could go into 'LoadScreen' state in which there is new buttons, graphics etc.

What are game objects? Game objects are for storing data in game. Every texture, every sound etc. is a game object. They are done? Well, there is a class that can be used to store them. That is the easy part when I am using pure aggregation. The hard part will be using them when everything can really be anything and they can have anything.

Lastly some stats. (Made with Code Analyzer by mteel)

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